How To Play & Win The College Game

Students are invited to pull up a chair and sit down with a seasoned academic advisor who explains in an easy-to-read, conversational tone both what to expect in college, and how to make the most of the college or university experience.

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How To Play & Win The College Game is based on the curriculum for the award-winning Freshman Seminar Sharon Padilla-Alvarado designed at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, California (which has been identified as one of the top 10 most diverse public two-year colleges in the U.S.). Rather than lecturing students on how to succeed in college, Sharon draws students into the book through a series of exercises designed to help them understand the behaviors of successful college students. The book includes:

Both new and continuing College Success and Freshman Seminar instructors, and directors and counselors of programs for new, first generation, and at-risk students will find this book easy to use, and a great tool for generating discussion about how to avoid the obstacles to success many new students encounter, as well as how to establish a foundation for academic success early on in college.

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How To Play & Win The College Game!

How To Play & Win The College Game is a “game-changer” for new college students – especially those who know little about the challenges they are about to face. Author Padilla-Alvarado does a masterful job of speaking directly to students with practical advice on knowing their faculty members, attending class, managing time and money, staying healthy and succeeding in college. Many of the lessons in this book are too often learned by students only as they are completing college. How to Play & Win allows the new student to learn the ways of successfully navigating the college environment before the end of the first semester. If you want to succeed in college read How to Play & Win The College Game!

How To Play & Win The College Game is an excellent resource for those students who may not have the college know-how or cultural capital to fully understand the college experience. This workbook provides valuable advice for those students who cannot afford to pay for a private “preparation for college program.” Padilla-Alvarado uses thought-provoking questions and real-world stories of student tragedy and success to help students prepare for a transformative college experience. An exceptional tool for anyone working with current or future college students.

Reading through these articles is like sitting down with a seasoned upperclassman or favorite academic advisor who shares their inside knowledge of how to succeed in and make the most of the college environment.

Sharon’s in-depth understanding of student needs and creative approach to learning makes for the ideal mix for a book aimed at guiding first-generation and under-served students through the maze that is higher education and career planning.

As a first-generation college graduate, I know first-hand the struggles facing college students pursuing a college degree. The information contained in this book is a tool for all students in pursuit of college success and completion, and in particular students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is a “must read” for all entering college freshman.

Sharon Padilla-Alvarado has a special gift for understanding the nuances of a successful college experience because she lived it! I had the honor of working on the same team with Sharon at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. She stood out immediately amongst a group of Higher Education administrators. I believe her keys to a successful college adventure are most likely the keys to life success. She gets it.

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